Professor Sandy Cairncross is awared the Edwin Chadwick Medal for 2014

Professor Sandy Cairncross who leads the Environmental Health Group and is Research Director of the SHARE Consortium has been awarded the Edwin Chadwick Medal for 2014.

The Edwin Chadwick Medal, which commemorates one of the pioneers of environmental health in Britain, is awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of public health.

Professor Cairncross is an epidemiologist, environmental health engineer, teacher, and inspiration to a generation of professionals engaged in public health across the world. Sandy has been both a driving force for research on drinking water and sanitation in low-income settings and a persuasive advocate for increased political and social commitment to these issues.

To learn more about Sandy Cairncross’s lifetime of work in the field of environmental health listen to the following podcast recorded on SOAS radio.
Or learn more about which environmental health interventions have had the greatest impact on reducing diarrhoeal deaths in this podcast delivered by Sandy.

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