SHARE Funded work featured in a Huffington Post article

WaterAid is one of the SHARE consortium’s major partners. This week, in an article in the Huffington Post, the NGO’s Chief Exectuive, Barbara Frost, shared her thoughts on how aid programming can be made more inclusive of  disabled people.

The article describe the story of Esther Cheelo an elderly Zambian lady who is blind and has difficulty walking. For years Esther had relied upon a child to walk her into the scrubland near her home to find a place to relieve herself, a humiliating and sometimes dangerous experience.

Estherstoilet_1-thumbFortunately Esther was of the SHARE-funded Undoing Inequity project in Uganda and Zambia. This examined how programmes on water, sanitation and hygiene can be made more accessible for people living with disabilities. As a resutly of the program, which was delivered through one of WaterAid’s partner organisations Esther’s village got a water point and toilets for the first time. Her family, drawing on the example of another household, built her an accessible toilet and added a guide rope, which Esther can now find and follow on her own.

Read the full story here.


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