Assessing the Impact of Water Filters and Improved Cook Stoves on Drinking Water Quality and Household Air Pollution

Recently Ghislaine Rosa and others from the Environmental Health Group collaborated on a randomised control trial in Rwanda. Why asked Ghislaine to tell us more about the study.

What were the key findings of the study?rwanda

This study showed that in rural Rwanda the free distribution of water filters and improved stoves lead to significant improvements in both water quality and household air quality. Although the communities used both devices the study showed that use was suboptimal, this highlights the need to further understand the drivers and barriers for sustained used of this type of technologies.

What was the most interesting part of conducting this research?

I loved working in Rwanda, the scenery is beautiful, the participants were really nice and welcoming and we had a great team. Plus going up and down those hills (Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills) with the HAP monitoring equipment kept us in really good shape!

You can read the full publication here.


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