Systematic review of child faeces disposal interventions

fiona_majorinFiona Majorin is a research assistant and PhD student with the Environmental Health Group. Her research explores child faeces disposal as a pathway in disease transmission. Little work has been done in this area to date and subsequently Fiona and others in the group have recently published a systematic review protocol with the Cochrane Collaboration. We ask Fiona why this study is important.

Why is this study important?

Child faeces may present an important health risk if they are not disposed of safely.

We are undertaking this systematic review because no recent systematic review has been conducted on the effectiveness of interventions to improve the disposal of child faeces for preventing diarrhoea and STH infections.The latest review was in 2004 by Gil and colleagues and it is likely that more studies have been published since then.

What were the key findings of the study?

At this point, we have only published the protocol. We are planning on starting the literature search later this year with the aim of finishing the review next year.

The published protocol for the systematic review is available here.


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