Academic Staff

cairncross_sandySandy Cairncross OBE PhD FRSA MICE MCIWEM – Professor of Environmental Health
Head of the Environmental Health Group and Research Director of the SHARE consortium and Deputy Director of African SNOWS.
Background: Engineering and Epidemiology
Research interests: Water supply, Hygiene, Sanitation, and Water

val_curtisVal Curtis BSc MSc PhDProfessor – Vector Bio & Malaria

Director of the Hygiene Centre.
Background: Engineering, Epidemiology and Anthropology
Research interests: Disgust, Behavior Change and Hygiene


thomas_clasenThomas Clasen JD MSc PhD – Professor – Water, Sanitation and Health

Background: Law and Epidemiology
Research interests: water, sanitation and health impact analysis


bob_aungerRobert Aunger MUP PhD – Assistant Professor in Evolutionary Public Health

Background: Urban Planning, biological anthropology and psychology
Research interests: Behavior change and behavioral motives.
More information available via his personal webpage.


mimi_jenkinsMimi Jenkins PhD – Honorary Lecturer

Background: Engineering and epidemiology.
Research interests: sanitation, market-based approaches, behavior change 


adam_biranAdam Biran PhD – Assistant Professor

Background: Psychology, Biological Anthropology and Health Promotion
Research interests: Household environmental health, hygiene and behavior change.

Wolf-Peter Schmidt MD MSc PhD – Clinical Lecturer

Background: Medical Doctor, neuroepidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology.
Research interests: Hygiene, Water, and health impact evaluation.

Oliver Cumming MA MSc – Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Hygiene, sanitation, equity

torondel_belenBelen Torondel PhD – Assistant Professor

Background: environmental microbiology
Research interests: epidemiology, microbiology, sanitation and menstrual hygiene.


Robert Dreibelbis PhD – Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Behavior change and hygiene

katie_greenlandKatie Greenland BSc MSc PhD – Research Fellow

Background: Epidemiology and HIV research
Research interests: health impact evaluation, trachoma, diarrhoeal disease.


ghislaine_rosaGhislaine Rosa BSc MSc PhD – Research Fellow

Background: Biology and Epidemiology
Research interests: Household water treatment and compliance.



elisa_romaElisa Roma MSc PhD – Research Fellow

Background: Environment and development
Research interests: Sanitation, market-based approaches, behavior change, evaluation.


aurelie_jeandronAurelie Jeandron Eng MSc – Research Fellow

Background: Biomedical engineering and epidemiology
Research interests: helminths, health impact evaluation, cholera and water supply.


sianSian White BA MSc – Research Fellow

Background – Communications, political science and public health program management
Research interests: Behavior change and hygiene



joannaJoanna Esteves Mills MSc – Policy Research Manager

Background: Policy and international development
Research interests: Sanitation, hygiene, policy.



fionaFiona Majorin MSc – Research Assistant

Background: Infectious disease epidemiology
Research interests: Sanitation and hygiene



Erin Flynn MSc – Policy Research Manager (SHARE consortium)

Background: Public Health and nursing
Research interests: Sanitation, hygiene, policy

Alexandra Czerniewska BA MSc – Research Assistant

Background – Infectious disease epidemiology
Research interests: Behavior change, hygiene, sanitation, water

Lauren D’Mello BSc MSc – Research Assistant

Background –
Research interests: Behavior change, hygiene, sanitation, water.

Emily Balls MA – Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (SHARE consortium)

Research interests: Sanitation, hygiene, evaluation, qualitative method

Sophie Durrans BA MSc – Research Uptake Officer (SHARE consortium)

Background: Social anthropology, Global Health and Development
Research interests: Sanitation, hygiene, policy.

Helen Buxton MSc – Research Assistant

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