Toilets and new technologies

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Current research in this area:

Clean Team Toilets

UntitledSewage connections are not a reality for many slum dwellers in rapidly growing urban areas in low-income countries. In a recent paper, Greenland and colleagues investigated whether use of portable toilet technologies have the potential to offer public health benefits to residents in the Ghanaian city of Kumasi who are largely reliant on pay-per-use public toilets. The study found that children in households with a “Clean Team” portable toilet used this facility from a younger age than those in neighbouring, non-Clean Team households, and their faeces were thus more often disposed of safely.


Understanding products within the sanitation supply chain

Inadequate sanitation in rapidly growing informal settlements is a pressing environmental health problem and an opportunity for business. A range of possible solutions exist, in various stages of development, but they are not well disseminated or evaluated. As part of a DIFD/Unilever-funded Transform project we are compiling a review of existing sanitation and services products and providers. We are collecting information on new and established enterprises along the sanitation value chain (see image below). We are interested to hear from you. Please submit a description of your company, together with indications where we can find the latest information to


To find out more about out work on latrine innovation listen to Jeroen Ensink in the webinar below as he talks about some of the new concepts for on-site sanitation based on bioadditives and pit design.
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Publications related to toilets:


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