The Hygiene Centre maintains an interdisciplinary approach to  its work. It brings together skilled and experienced researchers from the scientific community, commerce and international development. The wide range of skills, field experience  and research generated by the Hygiene Centre, make it a unique and dynamic partner for collaboration.

The Hygiene Centre is currently working with a variety of international partners to implement and evaluation hygiene-related programmes (see links).

For further discussion on opportunities for collaboration, or information about the Hygiene Centre’s advisory work, please contact us.


Unilever was instrumental in encouraging staff from the LSHTM’s Environmental Health Group to set up the Hygiene Centre. The company’s interests in health and hygiene have been used to help raise awareness about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through its partnerships and collaborations with healthcare professionals and leading global health bodies like UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO). It works with researchers in the Hygiene Centre to develop health and hygiene initiatives, as well as generate innovative thinking in behaviour change.

WppWorld Bank – Water and Sanitation Program

The Hygiene Centre has recently negotiated a two year  consultancy contract with WSP to instigate a Sanitation Marketing Network in two countries in Africa. A member of the team will be based overseas to manage the in-country work.

The Wellcome Trustwellcome

African SNOWS is funded through the Wellcome Trust’s African Institutions Initiative.

DFID – Department for International Developmentukaid

The SHARE Consortium and all research it conducts is part of a 5 year initiative funded by DFID.

ausaidAustralian Government Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Environmental Health Group has recently won a grant to assess and improve access to sanitation for people living with disabilities in Malawi and Bangladesh.

AFD – The Agence Française de Développement AFD

The Environmental Health Group’s work on cholera and sanitation in the Democratic Republic of Congo is supported by AFD.

The Gates FoundationGates-Foundation

The Gates Foundation is supporting some of the Environmental Health Group’s work in the area of latrine development, entomology and microbial source tracking.

GAIN – Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition gain

The Environmental Health Group is working with GAIN in East Java, Indonesia to design, implement and evaluate an intervention to improve exclusive breastfeeding and the nutritional content of complementary food.

WSSCCWSSCC – Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

We will be working with WSSCC to develop a handwashing intervention in Nigeria based on a similar model to the SuperAma design developed by the EHG and implemented in India.

logo_globalhandwashingGlobal Public-Private Partnership for Hand washing with Soap

The Health in Your Hands initiative builds on the strength of Public-Private Partnerships for Washing Hands with Soap.

IWAInternational Water Association

The Hygiene Centre has recently bid for work in collaboration with IWA.

The Veolia Environment Foundationveolia

The Environmental Health Group’s work on cholera and sanitation in the Democratic Republic of Congo is supported by the Veolia Foundation.

ARK – Absolute Return For Kids ARK

The Hygiene Centre is partnering with ARK in Zambia to design a multi-behavior change intervention targeting diarrhoeal disease through improved child nutrition and handwashing.

GoJo Industriesgojo

Gojo are supporting some of the theoretical development work that Hygiene Centre is doing in the areas of behaviour change, disgust, manners, and habit formation with the potential for this to be applied in hospital settings.

DelAgua Health delagua

DelAgua Health are supporting our cluster randomised control trial in Rwanda which is looking at the health impacts of a programme which will deliver free water filters and improved cook


UNICEF is supporting some of our work on sanitation marketing and shared sanitation.



Together with the Gates Foundation and SHARE, 3ie are supporting one of our present sanitation trials in Orissa, India.


IFS – Institute for Fiscal Studies IFS

IFS has supported some of our qualitative research into sanitaiton in India.

WHO – World Health OrganisationWHO

The WHO support some of work which explores value for money investments in Waster, Sanitation and Hygiene.

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